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Report Proves Charitable Giving Outpaced Economic Growth in 2011


Atlas of Giving recently announced results from its 2011 report on charitable giving.  The report outlines charitable giving in the United States from 2011 and details how giving expanded at a faster rate than overall economic growth for the year.  According to the report, total giving to U.S. nonprofits rose 7.5% in 2011, an increase of $24.2 billion over the 2010 total of $322.69 billion and its forecast shows that overall giving is expected to grow 3.9% in 2012 to $360 billion, a slower rate than 2011 growth.

“2011 giving growth was fueled by strong stock market performance through July, low interest rates, an improving economy, modest inflation, and aggressive solicitation” Rob Mitchell, Atlas of Giving CEO, said.  “However, the increase was not enjoyed by all nonprofits.  Organizations that rely on many small gifts from many small donors are still greatly impacted by the effects of continuing high unemployment.”

The forecast is expected to change as events unfold during the year.  Natural and man-made disasters, economic events, and many other things affect the velocity and trajectory of charitable giving results.  The Atlas of Giving actively monitors the factors affecting giving and provides monthly updates of the forecast to account for these. Read the rest of this entry


List of America’s Top 400 Charities released


The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently released The Philanthropy 400, an annual list of America’s top charities that raise the most from private sources.  Charities on the Philanthropy 400 are an important benchmark for the state of giving, and how American donors are responding to the bad economy.

Sixty-eight percent of the Philanthropy 400 organizations that offered projections, say they expect giving to increase by a median of nearly 5 percent this year, while 32 percent, say they expect a decline in giving this year.

In The Chronicle’s ranking of the 400 groups, organizations collected a total of $70.3-billion last year, with most of the gains coming from contributions in the form of donated products or in stock gifts, which revived with the market recovery last year.

Browse the full list of the 400 charities that raised the most money and see the entire special report.

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Orange County-based nonprofit launches bike business


Build Futures’ mission is to enable homeless, runaway and at-risk youth ages 18 to 24 to become independent, contributing members of the community by connecting them to housing, employment, education, medical and mental health care,  legal assistance, and life skills.  Their comprehensive case management approach connects youth to a trusted one-on-one supportive mentor and offers a customized self sufficiency plan.

In order to support their mission and help meet the needs of the youth they serve, Build Futures recently launched a social enterprise business – Bikes Build Futures.  The nonprofit business will receive donated bikes, recondition them and resell them to the public.

Through this business, Bikes Build Futures will be able to employ youth they serve and help them take the first step to self-sufficiency by fostering confidence in their ability to find and succeed at employment.

These deserving homeless youth will have an opportunity to learn basic job skills, receive bike transportation, and be able to apply basic life skills to help themselves into a better situation.

With the launch of Bikes Build Futures, the organization has an immediate need for donated or low-cost space and volunteers.  The space will be used to store donated bikes and provide a dedicated location for on-the-job training.  Volunteers are needed to help transport bikes and equipment.

Additionally, the organization is always looking for reliable, committed volunteers to serve as one-on-one youth mentors.

Did you know that there are 25,900 documented homeless students in Orange County public schools?  Or that youth ages 18 to 24 are the most underserved segment of the homeless population?  Or that 70 to 90 percent of the homeless population in Orange County has no housing available to them on any given night?

A study by Martha Burt of Urban Institute found that the longer a youth or young adult is homeless, the higher the risk that he or she will become a chronically homeless adult.  Homelessness has serious consequences and long-term implications for youth, young adults and communities. The hope of Bikes Build Futures is to play a significant role in shifting homeless youth off the streets and into independent, contributing members of society.

To volunteer or donate space, contact Kathy Tillotson at Kathy@BuildFutures.org.  For more information about Build Futures visit www.buildfutures.org