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Report Proves Charitable Giving Outpaced Economic Growth in 2011


Atlas of Giving recently announced results from its 2011 report on charitable giving.  The report outlines charitable giving in the United States from 2011 and details how giving expanded at a faster rate than overall economic growth for the year.  According to the report, total giving to U.S. nonprofits rose 7.5% in 2011, an increase of $24.2 billion over the 2010 total of $322.69 billion and its forecast shows that overall giving is expected to grow 3.9% in 2012 to $360 billion, a slower rate than 2011 growth.

“2011 giving growth was fueled by strong stock market performance through July, low interest rates, an improving economy, modest inflation, and aggressive solicitation” Rob Mitchell, Atlas of Giving CEO, said.  “However, the increase was not enjoyed by all nonprofits.  Organizations that rely on many small gifts from many small donors are still greatly impacted by the effects of continuing high unemployment.”

The forecast is expected to change as events unfold during the year.  Natural and man-made disasters, economic events, and many other things affect the velocity and trajectory of charitable giving results.  The Atlas of Giving actively monitors the factors affecting giving and provides monthly updates of the forecast to account for these. Read the rest of this entry


30 Ways in 30 Days – Make Doing Good A Habit


TakePart LLC, the online social action network of the film entertainment company Participant Media (Food, Inc., Waiting For Superman, Inconvenient Truth) recently launched “30 Ways in 30 Days,” an interactive social action monthly calendar that encourages people to engage in timely charitable causes and make doing good a daily habit.

The calendar provides individuals with daily, easy and actionable ways to get involved with non-profits and “act” on an important issue such as hunger, homelessness, water scarcity and world peace.

The one action per day calendar includes opportunities for supporters to earn tangible rewards and win great prizes – most of which give back as well, all while raising awareness about important issues and supporting charities who are on the ground fighting to make a difference.

Make doing good a daily habit! Visit www.takepart.com/30ways30days.

About Participant Media

Participant Media is a Los Angeles-based entertainment company that focuses on socially relevant, commercially viable feature films, documentaries and television, as well as publishing and digital media.  Participant Media is headed by CEO Jim Berk and was founded in 2004 by philanthropist Jeff Skoll, who serves as Chairman. Ricky Strauss is President.

Participant exists to tell compelling, entertaining stories that bring to the forefront real issues that shape our lives.  For each of its projects, Participant creates extensive social action and advocacy programs which provide ideas and tools to transform the impact of the media experience into individual and community action.  Participant films include THE KITE RUNNER, CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR, DARFUR NOW, AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK, SYRIANA, STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE, THE VISITOR, THE SOLOIST, FOOD, INC., THE COVE, THE INFORMANT!, THE CRAZIES, OCEANS, FURRY VENGEANCE, CASINO JACK AND THE UNITED STATES OF MONEY, COUNTDOWN TO ZERO, WAITING FOR “SUPERMAN,” and the upcoming releases FAIR GAME and CANE TOADS: THE CONQUEST.

List of America’s Top 400 Charities released


The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently released The Philanthropy 400, an annual list of America’s top charities that raise the most from private sources.  Charities on the Philanthropy 400 are an important benchmark for the state of giving, and how American donors are responding to the bad economy.

Sixty-eight percent of the Philanthropy 400 organizations that offered projections, say they expect giving to increase by a median of nearly 5 percent this year, while 32 percent, say they expect a decline in giving this year.

In The Chronicle’s ranking of the 400 groups, organizations collected a total of $70.3-billion last year, with most of the gains coming from contributions in the form of donated products or in stock gifts, which revived with the market recovery last year.

Browse the full list of the 400 charities that raised the most money and see the entire special report.

Here are some related articles published by The Chronicle that help put perspective on the current state of giving.

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Innovative Fundraising Site Helps Local Charities Raise Money


More than 70 local nonprofits ranging from large national organizations like the American Red Cross to local animal clinics, museums and schools have joined GoodSearch.com and GoodShop.com to provide supporters with free, easy ways to support their missions.  Through these sites, supporters have raised nearly $8 million for their favorite nonprofits and schools!

It today’s economy, many people are searching for creative ways to give back to local charities without the money coming directly from their checkbooks.    The GoodSearch and GoodShop team has revolutionized online philanthropy so that no one is denied the opportunity to support the causes most important to them.

GoodShop.com is an online shopping mall which donates up to 30% of each purchase to your designated cause.  The shopping experience and prices are the same as going to the retailer directly, but each time you shop at a participating store via GoodShop, a percentage of what you spend goes back to your favorite charity or school.  It also provides over 100,000 coupons and deals – so not only are you ‘doing good’, but you’re saving money while doing so!

Similarly, with every search conducted on Yahoo!-powered GoodSearch.com, approximately one penny is donated to your favorite charity.  It’s used exactly like any other search engine and the pennies add up quickly!

To give you a sense of how this has worked, below are a few local charities and the money they have received through GoodSearch and GoodShop:

William Holden Wildlife Foundation – more than $1,660 – offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the outdoors in a rare communication with nature often unavailable to them in their own environment.

SPCA – Los Angeles – more than $1,250 –  dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals through Education, Law Enforcement, Intervention & Advocacy.

Free Arts for Abused Children – over $860 – inspire hope in the lives of abused, homeless and at-risk children through innovative creative arts programs and positive interactions with caring adult volunteers.

Los Angeles County High School for the Arts – nearly $850 – Students at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, through powerful learning experiences, will embrace and excel in the arts and academics while working towards their visions of the future.

Orange County Conservation Corps – over $300 – serves young, at-risk adults through employment, training and educational programs that build self-sufficiency and benefit the community through conservation-related projects.

Foster Care Auxiliary of Orange County – nearly $250 – enhances the lives of all Orange County foster children, to help support and retain Orange County licensed foster families and those who are providing a permanent home for a minor from the Orange County foster care system.

These are just a few examples from the more than 100,000 charities and schools currently benefitting from GoodSearch and GoodShop.

“We have taken simple everyday actions, like searching and shopping, and turned them into ways people can do good with just a click of the mouse,” says Scott Garell, CEO of GoodSearch (and former President of Ask.com).  “Plus, with over 100,000 coupons daily which deliver $2MM in savings, GoodShop helps our users save money—which is important in the current economy — while doing good at the same time.

Here is how the sites work:


  1. Go to www.goodshop.com
  2. Designate your favorite charity or school (you only have to do this the first time)
  3. Click through to your favorite store and shop as you normally would – a percentage of what you spend will go to your favorite cause!  (and, you’ll find more than 100,000 coupons on GoodShop too!)


  1. Go to www.goodsearch.com
  2. Designate your favorite charity or school (you only have to do this the first time)
  3. Search the web in the Yahoo!-powered search box as you usually would – each time you search, a donation is made to your cause!