Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month, Cancer Shop USA, an online store featuring products specifically for cancer patients and their needs, has launched its long-awaited Breast Care Kit. The kit, priced at $72.00 and available at CancerShopUSA.com, includes a range of practical, comforting and inspiring items, including: a Breast Cancer Camisole, nutritional supplements, a family history form, tips sheets by both doctors and cancer survivors, natural deodorant and more. A Mastectomy Care Kit is also available at Cancer Shop USA and offers a breast cancer camisole featuring drainage pockets.

“CancerShopUSA.com now offers a Breast Care Kit just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month,” said Dr. Melanie Bone, a board-certified gynecologic surgeon and long-term Stage lll breast cancer survivor. Dr. Bone first conceived of CancerShopUSA.com when she was undergoing treatments herself, including bilateral mastectomies, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. “If this Breast Care Kit, and all the other products we have on our site to ease the side effects of cancer treatments, were available when I was sick, it would have made the ordeal more comfortable and tolerable.”

The Breast Care Kit, ideal for patients to purchase for themselves, or for supporters to gift to their friends and family, is available at CancerShopUSA.com and includes the following products:

  •     Breast Cancer Camisole: Designed to look and feel like your favorite camisole but with a twist, this breast cancer camisole is perfect for the first six weeks after a surgery – whether it be a lumpectomy, mastectomy, reconstruction, or other breast conserving surgery. The pouch and pockets are discreetly sewn on the inside of the camisole so only you will know what’s hidden underneath.
  •     Certified Organics™ Immuno-Build Greens™: These greens are made with concentrated phytonutrients that target cellular integrity for optimal energy, vitality and resilience. Complete with spirulina, wheat grass, vitamins, green tea, ginseng, organic mushrooms, organic watermelon, probiotics, and more. Mix with juice or water!
  •     Family History Form: Finally a document which makes it easy to keep track of your family’s cancer history. Avoid having to remember what cancer your relatives may have suffered from each time you visit a new doctor by filling out the Family History Form one time and keeping it with you.
  •     Cancer Treatment Tip Sheets: Scared about cancer and need of expert help? Afraid to ask someone or tired of searching for answers online? Now there is a tip sheet filled with the most frequently asked questions just for you – created by Cancer Shop USA, Dr. Melanie Bone and survivors themselves.
  •     Nutritional Guide: Know what to eat, drink and swallow; and what not to when going through your breast cancer treatment with CancerShopUSA.com’s nutritional tips.
  •     CURE Magazine: A complimentary subscription to CURE Magazine, which covers the entire cancer continuum, from diagnosis to recovery.
  •     Aqua Delight Non-metallic Tasting Water: Water tastes terrible during chemotherapy and as a result two out of three chemo patients don’t drink the amount of water necessary for optimal recovery. Aqua Delight is free of the metallic and bitter taste.
  •     Naturally Fresh Deodorant: This aluminum-free spray mist will keep you dry (yes it really works!) and give you comfort as you know it is safe to use. It is highlight recommended by oncologists, dermatologists and allergists. 100% pure and all-natural.
  •     Managing The Distress of Cancer and Its Treatment guided Imagery CD: A new, guided meditation CD (74 minutes in length) created by psychologist and anxiety specialist, Carolyn Daitch, PhD, to support chemo patients.
  •     Comfort Gems: Gems to provide comfort to patients going through difficult times. These “rocks” are ideal for promoting different energies and feelings.

CancerShopUSA.com currently offers more than 300 patient-requested and doctor-approved items, categorizes products by need and symptom, including: nutrition/supplements, books and cards, clothing, hair loss, mouth care, nausea relief, scar reduction, sleep and more. Each product featured at CancerShopUSA.com has been reviewed and endorsed by a physician to make sure it is safe and practical. Additionally, a number of items have been inspired and developed by cancer patients and survivors.

A portion of the sales on CancerShopUSA.com are donated to the Cancer Sensibility Foundation, a non-profit organization also founded by Dr. Bone with the mission to encourage a sensible approach to cancer; to promote a new perception of the disease as treatable and often curable; and to educate the public about cancer etiquette and provide support to cancer patients, families and friends. Learn more at http://www.cancersensibility.org.

About Cancer Shop USA
Cancer Shop USA was formed as a one-stop source for practical and appropriate products designed specifically for cancer patients. The Cancer Shop USA team has collected over 300 unique items – all of which have been doctor-approved – and that fit a variety of needs and treatment concerns. Most exciting is the fact that the majority of the products have been developed by cancer patients and survivors themselves. Beyond the products, visitors to CancerShopUSA.com will also find: tips and advice for handling radiation and chemotherapy; product recommendations tailored to your specific needs; an informative and personal blog written by Dr. Melanie Bone; and Q&A with Dr. Bone. Learn more at http://www.cancershopusa.com.


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