Sun Shades Designed to Combat Blindness


Designed right in the heart of Southern California, SHAUNS SHADES gives visibility to those in areas with no access to eye health care or glasses.

More than 285 million people around the globe suffer from the challenges of visual impairment; they are blind or have low vision because they have no access to basic eye health care. Visual impairment hampers performance at school, reduces employability and productivity, and generally impairs quality of life. Yet, the treatment of the vast majority of these cases is just a simple pair of glasses.

SHAUNS SHADES proposes a simple solution to combat this problem. For each pair of sunglasses they sell, SHAUNS SHADES’ BUY ONE GIVE SIGHT campaign will donate a pair of glasses to someone in need.

Created to empower consumers to solve the problem of visual impairment, Shaun was motivated by his own use of corrective lenses and inspired by the thought that had he lived in an area without access to eye healthcare or glasses, he would be blind.

Patients living in regions with a shortage of eye health care services are identified, administered an eye exam and then fitted with the gratis glasses. This one pair of glasses may allow a child to stay in school, help an individual become more productive on the job or provide the simple joy of being able to see clearly again.

In essence, when you purchase a pair of SHAUNS SHADES it triggers one more pair of glasses into existence; this pair destined for the face of someone in need.

SHAUNS SHADES are designed in the heart of  Southern California and made in Italy using the highest quality materials, including world renowned Carl Zeiss lenses, to ensure the highest visual performance and craftsmanship in each and every pair of sunglasses.


SHAUNS SHADES was founded by a Scottish transplant, who was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of California and moved by the issue of visual impairment. It’s the world’s first premium sunglasses company created to give sight as well as style. For more information visit


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