List of America’s Top 400 Charities released


The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently released The Philanthropy 400, an annual list of America’s top charities that raise the most from private sources.  Charities on the Philanthropy 400 are an important benchmark for the state of giving, and how American donors are responding to the bad economy.

Sixty-eight percent of the Philanthropy 400 organizations that offered projections, say they expect giving to increase by a median of nearly 5 percent this year, while 32 percent, say they expect a decline in giving this year.

In The Chronicle’s ranking of the 400 groups, organizations collected a total of $70.3-billion last year, with most of the gains coming from contributions in the form of donated products or in stock gifts, which revived with the market recovery last year.

Browse the full list of the 400 charities that raised the most money and see the entire special report.

Here are some related articles published by The Chronicle that help put perspective on the current state of giving.

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