Bearing 70 Pounds of wood to help 25 Million eat


After ten grueling days of trekking in unpredictable weather with 50 to 70 pound wood bundles on their backs, The Paradigm Project, along with a group of supporting organizations, crossed the finish line at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood on Thursday, October 13th.  The group began their journey at Sea World, San Diego on October 4th in honor of the 3 billion people still cooking over an open fire in East Africa.

“There have been a couple of times during this walk that I’ve literally just wanted to drop the wood bundle and be done with it,” said Greg Spencer, Paradigm Project. “My dad and I were both at the end our ropes on day eight, but then we met Edith, a Kenyan woman.  She stopped on the side of the rode because she had carried wood since she was a child in Kenya until she got to move to the states.  She really confirmed who we’re doing this for and why we are doing it.  She symbolizes the women in Kenya and all of the developing world and honestly that’s what gave us the pick up that we needed in day eight, and that’s what’s going to carry us across the finish line today.”

The Paradigm Project has made it their mission to create a compelling experience with the ‘Woodwalk,’ while engaging the local community to take action and assist in raising funds as the organization develops their work in East Africa. With these necessary elements, The Paradigm Project hopes to end open fire cooking for 25 million people by implementing more than five million fuel-efficient rocket stoves before 2020.  WATCH VIDEO


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