Can Steve Jobs still become a great philanthropist

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Since the death of Steve Jobs, discussions have centered around his philanthropic efforts and comparisons made to his chief business rival, Bill Gates, who leads the world’s largest foundation and has been a standard-bearer for the high-profile Giving Pledge.

Over the years, Apple has drawn some criticism for its philanthropy, or lack there of.   There is no disputing that devices like the iPhone and iPad have helped many nonprofit organizations communicate more efficiently. They have allowed groups to improve the way they respond to disasters, communicate with supporters, and carry out their day-to-day work.  But it wasn’t until this year that Apple announced a company-wide giving plan to match employee donations to charity, an employee benefit most corporations have offered for years.

Now the spotlight turns to how the Apple Inc. co-founder’s wife, Laurene Powell Jobs, will manage the fortune she is likely to inherit.  The couple has spoken very little in public about their philanthropy efforts, but Powell Jobs’ outreach speaks for itself.  She has been a huge supporter of  education reform, women’s issues and other philanthropic causes.

The question now becomes, how will her personal affiliations, involvement and giving philosophy reflect on the billion dollar company and on the legacy of her late husband, Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs and Philanthropy

Jobs’s Wife Backs Education Causes

Steve Jobs Can Still Become a Great Philanthropist (


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